If you're viewing this website for some reason in the middle of the night and would like to read some interpersonal analysis, this will hit the spot.



An asthmatic college graduate undergoes a paid clinical trial to escape the suffocation of student loans, resulting in life-threatening side effects.

ACE Productions and the Sweet Brothers are making a psychological thriller.

Wordy blogs aren't for everyone. Stay up to speed with my recap videos on YouTube. 


An ambitious scholar loses sight of her morals when a lucrative but corrupt job opportunity advances her career at a high price.

No Choice is currently in post-production. Coming Fall 2018. Check out the press release.


The broken relationship of two siblings is reignited after the recent death of their father.

 Camera: ARRIFlex SR3 16mm

Camera: ARRIFlex SR3 16mm


I shot a short film on 16mm, it has been shown in a festival, and now you can screen it here: Deceased&Co.

My crazy Narrative / Commercial / Live Camera Operating Reel  mash-up might give you an adrenaline rush.


There's nothing like the life of working remotely in Premiere Pro CC on an 16-hour project. 


I know how to make pocket watches and automobiles look like Marvel heroes. 

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