A young policer officer with a dark past finds himself at the center of Chinatown’s underworld and must employ all of his skills as a student of Wushu to survive.

Executive Producer: Melanie Zhu

Producer: Autumn Collins

Producer: Morgan Benoit

Producer: Donald Lawrence Flaherty

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr. + James Lew + Morgan Benoit + introducing Bin Jian Zhu



An ambitious scholar loses sight of her morals when a lucrative but corrupt job opportunity advances her career at a high price.

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Check out some press coverage of COP (2018) - 太极警察, an action short film I produced with Director Donald Lawrence Flaherty and Stunt Director Morgan Benoit.

If you're viewing this website for some reason in the middle of the night and would like to read some interpersonal analysis, this will hit the spot.


An asthmatic college graduate undergoes a paid clinical trial to escape the suffocation of student loans, resulting in life-threatening side effects.

ACE Productions and the Sweet Brothers are making a psychological thriller.


Wordy blogs aren't for everyone. Stay up to speed with my recap videos on YouTube. 


The broken relationship of two siblings is reignited after the recent death of their father.

 Camera: ARRIFlex SR3 16mm

Camera: ARRIFlex SR3 16mm


I shot a short film on 16mm, it has been shown in a festival, and now you can screen it here: Deceased&Co.

My crazy Narrative / Commercial / Live Camera Operating Reel  mash-up might give you an adrenaline rush.


There's nothing like the life of working remotely in Premiere Pro CC on an 16-hour project. 


I know how to make pocket watches and automobiles look like Marvel heroes. 

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