En Los Cabos, México - shot on iPhone 8

About Me

I am an innovative Los-Angeles based filmmaker with camera operating as my entrée, science as my muse, and gymnastics as my kryptonite. I have a BFA in Cinematography from Columbia College Hollywood and I am affiliated with the Society of Camera Operators. My hyphenate portfolio mostly consists of camera operating, editing, and producing of narrative films, live events, commercials, behind-the-scenes and highlight reels. My expertise thrive in the narrative genres of actionthrillersci-fiadventure and drama. I strictly emphasize the importance of serving the audience first in my work. If you need someone to guarantee heads will turn when your content starts to play, I will work tirelessly until I’m sure of it.

When I am not on set or editing you’ll most likely find me eating Oreos, binge-watching classic Vines, in line at In-N-Out, swinging on a trapeze with my circus friends, studying astro/quantum physics, or staring into space while I mentally map out an apocalyptic film scene I’d like to shoot one day.

Autumn Collins has the creative talents and technical skills to be comfortable and productive in all aspects of filmmaking. She can develop a story to screenplay, produce a film, and be its cinematographer and editor.  Not everyone can wear so many hats easily.  She is dedicated to telling stories about the human condition that are both emotional and provocative. I look forward to watching her career grow and thrive for years to come.