Autumn Collins is an innovative Los-Angeles based filmmaker with editing as her entrée, science as her muse, and gymnastics as her kryptonite. Her editorial expertise thrives in the narrative genres of action, thriller, sci-fi, adventure and drama. Autumn's editorial portfolio consists of narrative films, commercials, behind-the-scenes and highlight reels. She strictly emphasizes the importance of serving the audience first in her work.

If you need someone to guarantee heads will turn when your content starts to play, Autumn will work tirelessly until she's sure of it. 

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Autumn Collins | Phone: (323) 510-1243


Autumn Collins has the creative talents and technical skills to be comfortable and productive in all aspects of filmmaking. She can develop a story to screenplay, produce a film, and be its cinematographer and editor. Not everyone can wear so many hats easily. She is dedicated to telling stories about the human condition that are both emotional and provocative. I look forward to watching her career grow and thrive for years to come.
— Jennie Lew Tugend, Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3